95% winners Forex Trading System

95% winners Forex Trading System

Good day to all of my friends . Today we will give you a reliable system for best trading, “95% winners Forex Trading System” .There are lot of trading strategies, many of them are complex, but this forex trading system is one of the few which a truly portable.

95% winners Forex Trading System

We try lot of trading systems, strategies and indicators but few of them are quit good?  After 5 years of trading i can tell you, you will just profitable on the higher
Timeframes like H1,H4 or daily ect. but you can trade this version of 95% winners Forex Trading System on ALL Timeframes.


We have to  follow the blue/red ­line.
Blue over red =  buy
Red over blue =  sell

For buy, stoch need to come from 20 level

For sell, stoch need to come from 80 level

And now look for the cross from the winner indicator. Its not much complected !.Exit lies on your hand. I am really not more willing to babysit on every buyer, when you want to make money on forex, you also use your brain.

Follow below idea for exit

For buy, exit when stoch reach 80 level
For sell, exit when stoch reach 20 level
Use hard tp. Example for M5= 10-20 pips , M15= 20-40 pips etc. etc. etc.

Or use Daily-pivots.
or or or or or… use your brain.
Stop Loss, also it lies in your hand.

Its from pair to pair diཨerent and i am not willing to check every pair.

You can use the last High/Low or hard SL.

Check the pair which you want to trade and the TimeFrame and choice
the way to set SL and TP.

More Help

When you want to trade M5 or M15, look on the H1 and/or H4 chart for the direction, look at the stoch, is there more room for you to trade.
When you want to go safe, trade H1. There are lots of pairs, which you can trade, and i am more then 100% sure that you will able to get every day 50 pips when you look on the H1

Don`t worry about missing out on an opportunity to trade.There will always be another good one just around the corner. If the trade you are considering doesn`t meet all your entry signals
but it seems to good to pass up, remember, you`re never going to run out of trades you can make.

Download from below

Risk warning:

“We are not liable for getting loses using this signal, We are testing and getting nice result. Forex is a great risking business. Do your trade with your own risk”. I am 90% sure this will work fine if you signup from our listed Forex company. My recommendation is True ECN ICMarkets from Right sight you can signup (I will help as much as possible and will be added My Personal Signal Group)

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