Teleport Tokens Giveaway and Bounty

Teleport Tokens Giveaway and Bounty

The Teleport is a company the provides Flight as a Service. Just as companies such as Uber and Lyft allowed vehicles to be used as a service, Teleport allows users to have Flight as a Service. Users can buy drone time and use a drone for their specific missions, whether it is taking pictures, delivering packages, or taking video overhead of a home you want to buy. For getting free token and participate Giveaway and Bounty Giveaway and Bounty Sign Up Here (Use your facebook or twitter account otherwise you will not get free bonus)

What are Teleport Tokens?

Teleport Tokens are your gateway to Flight as a Service. For Giveaway and Bounty Sign Up Here(Use your facebook or twitter account otherwise you will not get free bonus)

What are Teleport Tokens used for?

The main use of Teleport Tokens is to purchase flight time for drone missions.Giveaway and Bounty. Giveaway and Bounty Sign Up Here(Use your facebook or twitter account otherwise you will not get free bonus)

How do Teleport Tokens work?

You purchase tokens which you can then use to pay for flight time around the world. You control one of our drones, and have the ability to take pictures and create video which is streamed directly to your computer. These images and video can also be delivered to your computer via video file after your mission is complete.Giveaway and Bounty Sign Up Here(Use your facebook or twitter account otherwise you will not get free bonus)

How does drone sharing work?

Hosts (drone owners) around the globe have our drones which they have purchased and use on our network. They own the drone and rent mission time to users. Through our app you (the user) will request drone time for your mission, and the app will then give you a cost for your mission. You will use your tokens to pay for the mission and the mission will then execute. After the mission is complete the final usage cost is calculated, and you will be refunded any overage.

How do I become a drone user?

Simple. Go to our website or download the app. Use the button to buy Teleport Tokens. Book your mission, pay for the mission in tokens, and you’re off!

How do I become a drone host?

You can register on our site for a chance to win a free drone for your local area. We will be giving away drones all across the globe. In addition to this you can purchase a drone from our website. You will be paying a reduced cost for the drone to make it as easy as possible for you to get into the Flight a a Service business.

Do Tokens have monetary value?

What are teleport tokens and what are they useful for? Teleport Tokens are an ERC20 Ethereum digital token. Our API requires these tokens as payment for flights.

Where are your drones legal?

Regulations vary from country to country. We are constantly working to make our drones compliant in as many jurisdictions as possible. We are continually striving to reduce size and weight from our drones while maintaining the total mission capabilities you need. In the US the FAA doesn’t regulate drones under 250 grams. We are constantly working towards getting the green light for larger drones with even more mission capabilities and safety features.

Are your drones a danger to aircraft?

We make every effort to ensure our drones and their flights are safe. Our drones fly below 400 feet and are programmed with no fly zones to minimize potential flight issues. We are constantly enhancing our safety procedures and reviewing data to continually increase the safety of our operations.

Can I use my own drone?

Currently the Teleport platform only supports our custom made drones. We don’t use third party drones because we can’t assure their quality, and safety. Our drones have special hardware and software which enhances their mission capabilities, and increases the safety of our drones for our hosts, users, and the public.

Why are you building this?

Teleport was created because we believe that by making flight available to everyone everywhere we can fundamentally change the way we interact with the world around us.

Bounty Program

Giveaway and Bounty Sign Up Here(Use your facebook or twitter account otherwise you will not get free bonus)

    • Bounty pool calculated based on the dollar (USD) and will be paid out in ETH (or Teleport Tokens upon request) based on the USD/ETH price at the end of the token sale.
    • Entire bounty pool divided into sub-pools by category.
    • All bounties are calculated as shares (equivalent to stakes in other bounty programs).
    • Participating in a sub-pool earns you a set number of shares of that sub-pool.
    • Upon completion of our token sale, the full bounty pool will be calculated and divided into each sub-pool.
    • Each sub-pool will be divided by the number of shares, then distributed to each user based on number of shares they earned.
    • Bounty Pool

The bounty pool will be calculated as follows:

    • Pool will be between 0.5% and 2% of the total amount raised during the token sale.
    • Percentage determined by the number of users registered on Maximum (2%) based on acquiring 5000 non-spam users, minimum is anything below 1200.
    • Rough Formula
      • Pool = (Raised)(Users/250,000)
      • Note that the percentage (Users/250,000) has a floor of 0.5%
  • Pool and Share Calculator
This spreadsheets consists of two sheets:

    • Sheet 1: Bounty Calculator
      • Any of the colored fields is publicly editable in order to run calculations based on fund raising and user acquisition estimates, as well as number of shares generated/earned.
      • Note that you can refer to the second sheet for current details regarding shares.
    • Sheet 2: Pool Stats
      • This sheet displays the current number of shares allocated based on submissions to the bounty form. (these can be copied to the first sheet) The amount raised will only be updated during the actual token sale.
      • The number of users will be manually or automatically updated (pending automatic update script) directly from our database (this can be copied to the first sheet)
  • Moderation

Due to the fact that all bounties are share based, we would like to provide the following opportunity:

    • Currently all submissions are private in order to prevent copying, however they may be made public in the future.
    • Upon completion of the bounty program (or if made public earlier) we will allow users to review the submissions of others (in their pool) to ensure that all quality guidelines have been reached. In the event that any spam posts are identified, they will be able to be reported to us for deletion. Removing these spam entries will reduce the number of shares in that specific pool and increase the overall payout of the legitimate participants.
    • Further details pending.
  • Allocation
    • Youtube Campaign 10%
    • Reddit Campaign 10%
    • Blogging Campaign 10%
    • Facebook Campaign 10%
    • Forum Campaign 10%
    • Twitter Campaign 10%
    • Raffles 10%
    • To be announced 10%
    • 10% To be announced
    • To be announced 10%
  • Campaigns
    • Youtube Campaign

10% of overall bounty pool

10% of overall bounty pool

10% of overall bounty pool

10% of overall bounty pool
Join our official Facebook page:

5% of overall bounty pool

      • Participate in our raffles in order to earn shares of the raffle pool
      • Raffles will be announced in our Telegram group and other sources
      • Raffles will be randomly and automatically determined. Raffle winners will be announced via email as well as displayed on the raffle page.
    • Forum Campaign

10% of overall bounty pool

10% of overall bounty pool

  • Other Bounties
    • Referrals

No limit for this category

      • 50 tokens per referral
      • They must sign up and activate their account by verifying ID. They will also receive 50 tokens
      • 5% commission on tokens they purchase
    • Jobs
      • Teleport is hiring! If you have professional skills and are looking for part time or full time work paid in tokens, get in touch with us! Currently we are looking for programmers, hardware development, designers, content writers/moderators and more. Contact us at for more details.

Giveaway and Bounty Sign Up Here

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