How To Earn Gold from Review

How To Earn Gold from Review

Today i got one interesting site and join to review their site. The all information of mentioned site is given below. If anybody already used to use this site and get payment then please share your comment and give review rating .

The New eEconomy… Where we pay you to socialize online! – The Mission

To Take the wealth generated by big sites like facebook etc… and share it with our members instead!

Let’s build a Social and Economic Network where people can socialize, work, buy, sell and trade goods. A place were the people will be rewarded for their contribution no matter how large or small!

Is it possible to build a social network that actually benefits the members… Where 99 percent of the profits to be had don’t end up in the hands of hand full of people. I think yes, and to test it out I have created has all the tools to allow regular people like you and me to build an online society where everyone gets some benefit from the wealth it creates.

Here is how it works

Regular Members

Regular members are the consumers… but they also contribute with their likes and shares and posts so they are rewarded a small amount. Not a lot but it will be more then the big sites of today will afford them.

Content Providers

This group will earn more because they are willing to take the time to provide content that brings added value to the network. They will also able to take on assignments to improve the quality of information the site provides to its viewers.

City Tycoons

Tycoons are the entrepreneurs. They will look after site affairs at the city level they will work with local business to open online store fronts and purchase advertising on the site. They will also monitor content for each city ensuring a rich experience for the members as they travel from location to location on the site.

Management Inc will provide the management team to deliver the required infrastructure to make sure the web servers and application software are performing.

Will it work? The seed has been planted let see what grows out of it!

Basic Earnings Are Easy And Free

Just by being and active citizen of you are given a free basic living wage. Each day The Site Monkey divides all the earnings from the day before and gives each member that is online their share of the previous days earnings.All you have to do is login each day and click the accept earnings link that pops up when the monkey calls your name. If you miss clicking on time don’t worry the monkey will call you again.

That’s all there is to it… The bigger the site grows the more everyone earns!

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TIP… Frequent Users Get Tripple Share!

Members that have used the site every day in the last seven days earn 3 times as much gold as the other regular members (Tycoons Not Included).

Where Does The Site Monkey Get The Money?

97% of all the revenue from the advertisements that show on the monkytalk website goes to pay the members. It gets automatically deposited into your monkytalk bank account as soon as you click accept.Your city Tycoon gets to charge a 9% Tax on your earnings. This is their reward for taking responsibility of owning and opperating the city you join.

How To Earn Even More Gold On

You Can’t Earn Yet… You Need To Share!

All you have to do to start earning and winning is share this link with at least to one friend.the easiest thing is to share it on your facebook page or Tweet it to earn 20265 gold coins each time someone joins using your link!

You can also post it anywhere on the web or just email it to your friends directly.

Click the share button to share it on facebook now.

Here are the four methods for earning gold.

Method 1. Spread The Word About MonkyTalk With Your Share Link

By far the fastest way to earn! Each new member you bring earns you up to $5.00 if they complete three things…

  • They share their share link to at least one other none member
  • complete the verfication process by uploading their photo for photoID verification
  • Verify at least one payment method (PayPal, Payza or Payoneer)

The faster MonkyTalk grows the more wealth there is to share so spread the news everywhere!

Here Is Your Share Link

Share this link on your facebook page or Tweet it to earn 20265 gold coins each time someone joins using your link!You can also post it anywhere on the web or just email it to your friends directly.

You can also give them your invite number… and have them enter it when they join. your Invite Number is 518961

Click the share button to share it on facebook now.

Method 2. Merchant Account Referrals

Merchant Bonus Is 1000 Gold Per Signup!

Invite someone you know to open a store front on and earn a cool 1000 gold coins… Share this link on your facebook page or Tweet it to cash in on this great deal!You can also post it anywhere on the web or just email it to your friends directly.

* Signup in this case means they purchase a merchant account… Not just join

Method 3. Making Posts

You can post things on just like you do on facebook. But here if other people like your posts you earn gold for each like. to see how much you earn per like check the `Todays Bonus Values` section below.

Posts That Count For Likes Include:

  • Pictures (Must be in public albums)
  • Videos (From You Tube only)
  • Blog Posts
  • MoshBox Song Posts

Method 4. Boosted Posts

Members can pay to have a post Boosted. To boost a post they offer an amount in gold for your like/dislike and comment on a post. This is the only time you can earn for liking posts. Look for the Boost Notification in the main chat… They will let you know when a post is boosted and how much the booster is paying.

Understand How You Earn Gold

You do NOT earn gold for liking things. You do earn when other people LIKE what you post. This is why it`s called `Post For Gold`. This means you will have to post things that people will find interesting.

Also you do NOT earn gold when you like your own posts. You only earn gold when other people like something you posted. So if you want to increase your likes the fastest way is to invite your friends to join because you do get gold from likes they give you.

Tip – Use the facebook Bonus share link you will find it by clicking on the pot of gold at the top of the homepage. This will let your friends know that you want them to join with you.

You can post it on your Facebook page and you can include it at the bottom of your emails. It`s a great way to increase your gold quickly!

Cashing In Your Gold

To cash in your gold you will need to set up a paypal account. If you do not have one go to now and create one. It`s free.

To cash in your gold with paypal you must have earned at least 1,000 gold coins. That is $10.00 CAD.

If paypal is not available in your country then we can issue you a cheque and send it by regular mail. To get paid this way you will need a minimum of 5000 gold coins.


To Keep likes from becoming meaningless there is limit on the number of likes one friend can give another. So there is no use in just liking everything your friend posts.

Liking everything to boost your friends gold will not work and can get your account deleted so please do not do this.

The only way to get more likes from your friends is to invite more friends. Which just makes sense because that is why we are paying you for likes is to bring more people to

So have fun enjoy but do NOT like SPAM please.

About The Race For Gold

A few questions have come up about the Race for Gold so I will answer them here.

Remember this is for fun so please enjoy it in the spirit of friendly competition!

Ok so here are the points.

1 – You can`t lose all your gold in a race. Only the gold earned during the race goes into the winners pot.

2 – One friend can not boost your gold by liking everything you post there is a daily limit on likes from the same member.

3. – When inviting friends to join with your fb share link. Your friends must click the link first before joining. if they come directly to with out using the share link the system can`t track them.

4. – These rules are the same for all members so the race is even and fair. So please do not get overly stressed 🙂

Ok hope that clears up any questions you may have!

Announcing Tycoon Tax

Hi I have come up with a new incentive for becoming a City Tycoon. Tycoons will now earn a 8% tax from all gold earned by members in their city.

It`s another great reason to become a Tycoon! It`s also a good reason for the current Tycoons to get busy and bring more local users to the site.

About Cheating and False Accounts

It`s time to talk about making false accounts to earn the new member bonus. A Number of people have attempted to do this and the result is NOT good.

It`s is not very hard for to detected false accounts. Once we find that you have been creating false accounts all of your gold is removed and your account may be deleted.

Please do not waste our time or yours by making false accounts. You will do far better if you invite real friends to join and help you.

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