Channel Buy Sell Forex Indicator

Channel Buy Sell Forex Indicator

Hi all of my friends! today we are going to give you a most profitable Forex indicator ,named Holy Grail Channel Buy Sell Forex Indicator. You can test it to your demo account first then apply to your real account. If you don’t have Forex account then create one account from icmarket mention in right sight or down sight of this post.

Channel Buy Sell Holy Grail Forex Indicator

This is a great Forex indicator for Forex trader.

Holy Grail indicator trading

The Holy Grail Channel Buy Sell is a trend following strategy based on envelopes and grail indicator . This strategy is clear and simple.

Time frame 15 min or higher.

Financial market: Any

Metatrader indicators:

Exponential moving average period 7, close, shift -1;
EMA(Eexponential moving average) period 6, open, shift -1;
Magic grail 1.6, main period 10, ADX 7. (In the folder in attach there are other versions of Magic grail but the best is MG 1.6);
Envelopes ma period 233, ma shift 3, deviation 1.44.

Trading rules Channel Buy Sell

Above the middle line of the envelopes ( blue line) only buy.
Below the middle line of the envelopes (blue line) only sell.


Price above middle line of the envelpes.
Magic grail 1.6 indicator buy arrow.
MA 6 > MA7.


Price below middle line of the envelopes.
Magic grail 1.6 indicator sell arrow.
MA 6 < MA7.

Exit position more options

Recommended to exit position at the opposite arrow; with predetermined fast profit target .

Holy Grail indicator trading
In the above pictures Channel Buy Sell in action.

Download Channel Buy Sell Holy Grail Forex Indicator

Download   channel buy sell (right Click – save as).

Terms and Condition

“We are not liable for getting loses using this signal, We are testing and getting nice result. Forex is a great risking business. Do your trade with your own risk”. I am 90% sure this will work fine if you signup from our listed Forex company. My recommendation is True ECN ICMarkets from Right sight you can signup (I will help as much as possible and will be added My Personal Signal Group)


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