CCRB ICO Review CryptoCarbon-Get Free CCRB

CCRB ICO Review CryptoCarbon-Get Free CCRB

Good day all of my friend, today we are going to know about CCRB Ecosystem. Hope this is the best one for all of us.My review is positive ,give a comments if you find this negative.But,don’t lose the chance of Get Free CCRB. Lets start to know details from below :-

The CCRB Ecosystem is what creates the usability that makes our cryptocurrency truly innovative and unique. CCRB launched the concept of blockchain technology written on the dynamics of the “Proof of Spending Protocol – POSp” (Patent App No: GB1719487.9)

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The “POSp” Protocol validates transactions and the participating parties, to create new value after every successful transaction. The POSp concept covers all validated spending including public sector spending, private sector spending, trade spending, charity spending as well as any kind of transaction that is processed between two or more parties.

CCRB Payments

How can I pay for my CCRB?

For CCRB payments through Coinpayments we accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or Litecoin. You have to have 1 of these 4 coins already to purchase CCRB. We are currently unable to accept fiat payments on the website.

What is the minimum amount of CCRB I can buy?

The minimum amount of CCRB you can purchase is $65 worth.

How do you manage payments on the site?

We use Coinpayments to manage all of the payments on the site. This is an integrated payment gateway for cryptocurrencies which is the first and largest payment processor of cryptocurrencies, so it’s highly secure and trustworthy.

How long will it take for my purchased CCRB to show in my account?

In many instances the CCRB you have purchased will show in your account as quickly as 10-15 mins, but please allow up to 24 hours in some instances your CCRB to show, as there can be some delays in the processing over the Ethereum blockchain which are beyond our control.

Withdrawing CCRB

Why can’t I withdraw my CCRB?

You can only withdraw your CCRB once you have total of $40 or more CCRB in your account. To get more CCRB, simply purchase more on the website, mine for more CCRB through shopping on the internal platform or you can refer and earn approved referral bonus.

How do i withdraw my CCRB?

CCRB Platform and Ecosystem

How is CCRB different from other cryptocurrencies?

The main thing that makes CCRB different from other cryptocurrencies is it’s usability – you can spend or sale through our internal shopping platform across more than 35,000 outlets in more than 200 countries. In addition, you can also mine for more CCRB on the internal platform when you shop for products and services, which is very different to how most other cryptocurrencies are mined.

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What are the benefits of buying CCRB now?

During the Token Sale we are running, the price of the token goes up as more coins are sold, so if you buy CCRB now then you’ll get it from us at the cheaper prices before supply becomes more limited, and prices increase.

Also, you can spend CCRB on the connected shopping platform at a Higher Internal Rate with retailer available from time to , so you benefit in that way.

In addition, you view our roadmap and detailed term on the website, you can see what we have planned throughout the coming months in terms of development of the project, platform and ecosystem, so you can see how the coin and supporting products and services will be developed which should add tremendous value to the coin.

CCRB Token Sale

When does the Token Sale end?

The Flash Token Sale will take place after the Pre Flash-Token sale, and the exact duration will be confirmed but it is likely to take place for 90 days.

Are you the same CCRB cryptocurrency that is listed on coinmarketcap?

Yes, we have been on coinmarketcap for some time as we have been a functioning cryptocurrency for some time with a full platform and ecosystem up and running to back-up the cryptocurrency – this is what creates the unique usability that CCRB has compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Why is the value of CCRB on coinmarketcap different from the value of CCRB on the website?

This is because the external market value of CCRB on coinmarketcap only relates to smaller purchases of CCRB and the rate can vary depending on how much CCRB you want to buy, in addition the amount of CCRB available on external exchanges is limited whereas on the website you can purchase any amount of CCRB, there is no limit (except of course the total market supply). The rate quoted on the CCRB website is a flat rate that does not vary depending on how much CCRB you want to buy, and we also offer Bonus CCRB on the website for higher amounts of CCRB that are purchased.

What is your High Internal Value?

The CCRB that you earn from referrals will be pending in your account until the end of the Flash Token Sale, unless the registered person that you referred becomes active and purchases more CCRB, in which case your CCRB earned from the referral will be released into your Approved CCRB account.

Who funds the High Internal Value?

Retailers do. They use our CCRB High Internal Value in much the same way as they would use traditional cashback and loyalty programs, in that it allows them to tap into a new customer base by targeting consumers who have an interest in using cryptocurrency to pay for products, goods and services. The retailers get rewarded in increased sales by offering innovative payment methods that save consumers money by allowing them to purchase products cheaper, and also by gaining greater loyalty from consumers.

What is Cryptoback?

Cryptoback is CCRB’s innovative and forward-thinking alternative to traditional cashback and loyalty schemes, whereby users are rewarded in cryptocurrency rather than cashback. This has many advantages for users, as it allows them quick, easy and risk-free access into the booming cryptocurrency market without any technical knowledge or upfront investment required, and they also have the option of spending any CCRB they acquire for a significantly higher rate due to our High Internal Value, so there are additional benefits related to Cryptoback when compared to traditional cashback and loyalty programs.

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Referrals / Affiliates Links

Why should I refer people to CCRB?

You get $10 worth of CCRB for each person you refer to the CCRB website who registers, and the person you referred gets $5 worth of free CCRB. The more people you refer the more CCRB you will earn, with no cap as to how much CCRB you can accumulate.

Why is my CCRB from my referrals pending?

The CCRB that you earn from referrals will be pending in your account until the end of the Token Sale, unless the registered person that you referred purchases more CCRB, in which case your CCRB earned from the referral will be released into your Approved CCRB account.


What does KYC stand for?

KYC stands for ‘Know Your Customer’

Can I change my name in my account for the KYC process?

Yes. You can update your name under profile.

What information / documents are required for my KYC check?

3 types of document are required in order for us to carry out your KYC verification:

  1. ID Verification – a government issued, non-expired, unaltered photo ID showing expiry date and your date of birth.

Note your ID proof should contain your name exactly as it appears on your CCRB account, as well as a recent photograph of you.

Please attach an original photocopy / scan of your ID (Passport or Driving License) with the entire edges of the page visible. Note we are unable to accept screenshots.

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  1. Address Verification – a recent utility bill or bank account statement (not more than 3 months old) matching the name and address you have entered when you registered.

Attach a scan or a photo of any document produced within the past 120 days, that clearly shows your name and your residential address (which should match the details you entered when you registered for your CCRB account).

  1. Bank Account verification – please send a recent bank account statement (not more than 3 months old). The statement must clearly show your bank account details and your full name.

How quickly will my KYC be verified?

Your KYC will usually be verified within 48 hours, but may take a little longer during peak periods. We will always endeavor to get back to you with your KYC verification as quickly as we possibly can.

Admin & Login

How do I activate my CCRB account?

After submitting your registration, you will be sent an activation email to your registered email address. Follow the link to activate your account and you can login straight away.

Depending on your email settings, this email may go into your spam or junk folder. If the email does not appear in your inbox, please check your spam or junk folder. If you do not receive this email, please contact confirming your name and email address so we can resend your activation email and get you logged into your account.

I have forgotten my login details/password, what should I do?

Click ‘Sign In’ on the main navigational bar of the website, then click the ‘Sign In’ link in the box that pops up and you will see the ‘Forgot Your Password’ link on the page. Simply click this link and enter your email address that you registered on the site with into this box, and you’ll be emailed a password reset link.

How do I update my account details?

Click ‘My CCRB’ at the top right of the website, and then click on ‘Edit Profile’. From there you can change the account details you entered when you registered.

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