BITGLARE COIN (BGC) is the latest decentralized & self-regulated financial payment network covering P2P transaction & mass payments based on open source platform that is free from third parties such as government and financial institutions.

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It is built on an innovative platform which allows users to invest & gain wealth via:

  1. Supreme Lending Program
  2. Strategic Price Stabilizing Mechanism for trading program
  3. Staking program
  4. Mining Program


BITGLARE COIN was found in Oct 2016 by a group of experts in volatility trading software.

Our mission is to create a platform that provide a greater opportunity to people who seek to generate wealth in this very competitive society rather than relying on obsolete investment tools by typical financial institutions.

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After numerous researches on current popular lending platforms, we are aware & uncover some market lending & staking ecosystem flaws.

With BITGLARE COIN latest volatility trading software 3.2 which has proven to be a huge achievement after months of test run, we are proud to present our Supreme lending Program & Strategic Price Stabilizing Mechanism that minimize investors risk & gain consistent wealth with great advantages.


There will only be a total of 18 million BITGLARE COIN worldwide & it will be based on an economic system that gain advantages from supply & demand.

With increasing investors from worldwide, there will be more demand with our limited supply of coins that will eventually drive the price of BGC up with innovative strategies such as:

  • Supreme Lending Program with BITGLARE COIN (BGC) starting price at minimum $10. After ICO, new investors will have to buy from internal & external exchanges for Supreme Lending which will drive BGC price up. Once the BGC price in exchanges are more than $10, Supreme Lending BGC price will then pegged to the market price but shall never fall below $10.

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  • Initiate Strategic Price Stabilizing Mechanism to set BITGLARE COIN (BGC) minimum selling price at $8 in our internal exchange to stabilize the minimum price of BGC.
  • Improving our volatility trading software to further benefits the Supreme Lending Program which yield up to 70% profit per month
  • Expand BITGLARE COIN usage to feature smart contracts with online reward based shopping platforms
  • Upcoming online casino utilizing BITGLARE COIN as digital chip
  • Launching of BITGLARE COIN debit card to further enhance cash less worldwide shopping experience



We are aware that there are a lot of ICO frenzy over the Blockchain industry, pump & dump activities occurred after most ICOs are common sights. As BITGLARE intend to prosper & stay in the industry for long term with upcoming ambitious plans, stabilizing the ecosystem is the most vital action needs to be taken.

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Mutual benefits derive from Strategic Price Stabilizing Mechanism will be:

  1. Protect new investors which came in after ICO period to prevent any pump & dump activities.
  2. Ensuring longevity of the Supreme Lending ecosystem by gaining new investors confident through BITGLARE volatility trading software execution efficiency, as some investors tend to wait & see before joining the lending program.
  3. Maintain sustainability of BITGLARE by accruing interest from our volatility trading software thus benefiting both BITGLARE & the investors.
  4. Internal exchange will go live 25-30 days after ICO completion, while interval between internal & external exchange to go live is between 30-40 days. This is to allow market to make adjustment & stabilize BGC price before it goes public.

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BITGLARE innovative Supreme Lending Program features the airdrop of BITGLARE GOLD (BGCG) worth $15 which will be expired after 20 days from the coin receiving date of 1st March 2018. (Expired by 20th March 2018 UTC 00:00)

BITGLARE GOLD (BGCG) serves only for lending purpose & will be converted to USD after 60 days of lending with special interest rate which will be announced by 20th February 2018.

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ICO will end by 30th Jan 2018 & Supreme Lending Program shall commence after 10-15 days with BGC priced at minimum $10. There will be several phases of the Supreme Lending rewards:

  1. Investors that managed to lend with minimum amount of $5,010 by before 28th Feb 2018 will entitle for an airdrop with supreme ratio of 1 BITGLARE COIN (BGC) to 1.5 BITGLARE GOLD (BGCG). (referring to 28th Feb 2018 BGC price & snapshot of investor lending amount)
  2. Investors that managed to lend with minimum amount of $100 by before 28th Feb 2018 shall entitle an airdrop with special ratio of 1 BITGLARE COIN (BGC) to 1 BITGLARE GOLD (BGCG). (referring to 28th Feb 2018 BGC price & snapshot of investor lending amount)
  3. Investors that has yet to lend with us will still entitle for the airdrop with ratio of 5 BITGLARE COIN (BGC) to 1 BITGLARE GOLD (BGCG). (referring to 20th Feb 2018 BGC price & snapshot of investor current coin quantity in wallet)


You will be rewarded for introducing your friends to participate in the Pre ICO & ICO with the below bonus % :

Generation 1 – 10%

Generation 2 – 4%

Generation 3 – 2%

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The reward for joining BITGLARE COIN community doesn’t stop here, besides your own investment in our coin, investors may earn extra bonus from our affiliate program with 10 levels bonuses + the binary program.

All you need to do is to refer your friend to start a lending program with us & you shall earn extra bonus immediately in the form of BITGLARE COIN (BGC). Below are the 10 levels breakdown:

Generation 1 – 10%

Generation 2 – 3%

Generation 3 – 1%

Generation 4 – 0.8%

Generation 5 – 0.6%

Generation 6 – 0.3%

Generation 7 – 0.2%

Generation 8 – 0.1%

Generation 9 – 0.07%

Generation 10 – 0.04%

Our binary program will kick start in Feb 2018 & full details will be announced by end of Jan 2018.

We believe that with minimal risk and the prospect of massive profits, BITGLARE COIN program has the potential to change ordinary lives to the next level. Your life as a successful BITGLARE COIN investor can start today with our affiliate program.


For investors that has yet ready to start a lending program, you may consider to keep your BITGLARE COIN (BGC) in your wallet to earn from our staking program. As it is a way to confirm the transaction for the network, there will be more bonus you can earn the more you keep BGC in your wallet for long term substantial profit. The interest rate from staking the BITGLARE COIN is 15%-25% annually.


Once BITGLARE COIN internal exchanges are launch by end of February 2018 & external exchanges (Coinexchange, Livecoin & Yobit) by before end of March 2018, investors can start to make profit via trading. We will buy & burn BITGLARE COIN (BGC) from time to time to reduce the supply of BITGLARE COIN, this will further drive the BGC price up.

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