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There are lot of paid survey site online, some of them are simply scam and some of are real survey company. Be-careful before began a signup of any survey site. We are providing some of legit survey site under below –

Before start to earning from Paid survey you have to know some tips. Follow our instruction .

Tips for increasing your Paid survey profit

Rather than simply deed you with a listing of online survey sites we have a tendency to wished to create positive that you simply get the foremost out of all of them.
Here’s a couple of ways that to create positive you get the most rewards or benefit from every web site.

Sign up to all of them. It’s an honest plan to sign on to as several as potential. this suggests that you simply can continually have surveys to answer rather than watching for one or 2 to return on monthly.

There is no damage in sign language up to hundreds and you’ll continually unsubscribe if you don’t just like the service that one in all them area unit providing.
Set up associate degree alias email.


You don’t have to be compelled to do that however we’d advocate fixing a separate email for all of your survey web site accounts. That method you’ll log in daily and simply see the surveys on supply.

You should conjointly check your emails frequently as some surveys area unit solely open for every day(sometimes less).

Be Honest

Try and be honest once filling in these online paid surveys as typically you’ll be penalized for contradicting yourself or giving inadequate responses. Also, don’t try and second guess the system by locution that you simply area unit a rich bourgeois or girl to induce additional surveys. It won’t work!

Watch out for scams and pretend sites

A number of websites advertise dodgy survey sites to students therefore check that you avoid them. those to look at out for area unit typically those that sound too smart to be true!
It’s conjointly value noting that you simply area unity absolute to receive merchandise from the merchandise testing web site as users are chosen haphazardly therefore if anyone guarantees this you ought to be terribly cautious.
Put it this fashion, there area unit 1000s of users on every survey web site, does one very suppose that they’ll afford to channelize 1000s of free Play stations for individuals to test?
Cash in once you reach the limit

Online Paid Surveys

Close the YouTube cat videos down. Instead pay your spare time earning £100s a year filling out Paid surveys or testing merchandise.
There area unit a growing range of analysis firms out there giving rewards for your opinions, but they’re not continually as ‘legit’ as they create out.
With this in mind, we’ve created a run-down of the sure survey sites, in person tested by out USA ers and us. We have a tendency to reveal what proportion you’ll realistically create from every web site and share some usefultips to maximise your profit.
Legit online Paid Survey websites
Each web site features a restricted range of surveys every month for every person. If you wish to earn serious rewards it’s value sign language up to as several as potential.

Swagbucks Surveys

Its very popular with students, due to a good type of ways that to earn rewards. Exclusive signup bonus!
Who area unit they? Swagbucks area unit a reliable survey web site United Nations agency conjointly supply rewards for taking part in games and observance videos.
Rewards: money, vouchers and prize attracts.
Amount per survey: seventy points referred to as SB (40p).
Min. reward threshold: one SB.

Our review:

We love Swagbucks, and that we hear positive reviews from our followers regarding them too. We’ve found that finishing surveys and polls a day provides the simplest come for some time, but you’ll conjointly complete a waywider vary of offers to raise your earnings.
Surveys take around ten minutes to complete, that means you’ll earn around £2.40 an hour. Swagbucks conjointlyoffers users the flexibility to complete surveys from multiple suppliers and provides consolation points once youdon’t qualify for a survey.
Use our code StudentsSave for a bonus seventy points once sign language up!
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Toluna Survey

Test, keep merchandise and earn vouchers.
Who area unit they? A sure opinion web site acting on behalf of leading firms. they need to understand what you think that regarding bound merchandise, services and problems. In return, you get rewarded!
Rewards: Free merchandise, Amazon vouchers and prize attracts.
Amount per survey: three,000 – 6,000 points (80,000 points gets you a £15 voucher).
Min. reward threshold: five hundred for prizes, 80,000 for vouchers.

Our review:

You won’t be sent merchandise to check all the time, however we’ve got received a few over the area of a couple of months. therefore it’s value sign language up simply to induce freebies
You can conjointly answer surveys on the positioning to earn yourself points that equal vouchers. every survey takes around quarter-hour to complete, therefore it’ll take around four hours overall to earn a voucher.
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Vivatic Surveys

Who area unit they? Vivatic may be a web site that enables you to earn cash from not solely surveys however variety of different jobs like writing reviews & knowledge entry.
Rewards: money.
Amount per survey: £1-2.
Min. reward threshold: £25
Our review:
Vivatic may be a nice survey web site. Surveys take regarding fifteen minutes to complete therefore it might take you a trifle whereas to succeed in the brink however the great news is that there’s lots additional extra cashcreating opportunities that they need therefore well value an indication up.
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MySurvey survey 

Make £3-5 per hour.
Who area unit they? a well-liked shopper panel United Nations agency area unit continually searching for new members to participate in research studies for rewards.
Rewards: PayPal payments, Amazon and high-street vouchers.
Amount per survey: Around one hundred points.
Min. reward threshold: 345 points (£3).

Our review:

Another one value sign language up for. we have a tendency to got variant surveys sent from these guys, and that they tend to match your profile and interests as a shopper.
The average survey takes regarding quarter-hour to complete, and offers you one hundred points. thereforeyou’ll earn around £3-£5/hour.
Register below and sit up for them to send you some surveys!
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Exclusive £5 signup bonus.
Who area unit they? Best glorious for brief, fast surveys regarding each topic. OnePoll offer surveys to the press and major brands.
Rewards: money or PayPal payments.
Amount per survey: 10p – £1.
Min. reward threshold: £40.

Our review:

OnePoll were one in all the primary survey sites around and they’ve continually got fast and fun surveys to answer. Look out for the surveys regarding celebs.
Surveys take around three minutes therefore at 20p a survey (average) it’ll take around ten hours to earn £40.
You need to envision your account daily for surveys and a few users report you stand still slightly below the £40
threshold. If this happens you’ll refer a fan for £4 so withdraw your earnings.
Use our signup link below for associate degree exclusive £5 signup bonus.
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Survey Bods

£3 upon sign on and profile completion.
Who area unit they? SurveyBods work with high firms that wish your opinion.
Rewards: money, Amazon vouchers and prize attracts.
Amount per survey: 50p – £3
Min. reward threshold: £15

Our review:

The surveys typically take around ten minutes and area unit pretty simple to complete. you’ve got to be as honest as potential as they need a “strike system”. three unhealthy surveys and you’re out (we wish to see it as a challenge).
They’re a well sure web site that job with high brands and well value connexion through our link for a £3 bonus once sign language up. check that you complete your profile too. and their web site may be a ton additionalfashionable than lots of the others…
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Students get £10 only for sign language up.
Who area unit they? they’re the UK’s largest analysis panel for college students & grads. they provide attention-grabbing surveys and online focus teams for giant brands and universities, with their analysis usually reaching the media spotlight!
Rewards: Amazon and high-street, Bonusbond vouchers.
Amount per survey: £1-2 per survey, £30 – £70 for online focus teams.
Min. reward threshold: £25 for college students solely. £1 for others.

Our review:

The OpinionPanel Community area unit a sure web site and their surveys take around ten minutes to complete.
There is conjointly mobile compatibility therefore you’ll complete surveys on the go.
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Yougov SurveysYouGov

Earn 50p per survey.
Who area unit they? this can be a trifle totally different to others, focusing additional on social problems and general interest topics. YouGov polls embody topics like politics, public affairs and industrial merchandise. nice if you’ve got massive opinions!
Rewards: money and prize attracts.
Amount per survey: 50p – £3.
Min. reward threshold: £50.

Our review:

YouGov is one in all the additional attention-grabbing sites to sign on to thanks to the types of surveys they conduct. Most area unit on current problems that area unit within the news and that they encourage you to precise your views.
Surveys will take up to half-hour however don’t seem to be continually that frequent. we have a tendency toreceived one or 2 a two weeks, therefore it will take a couple of months to hit the brink. However, you get £1 only for connexion and if you get your friends to sign on too you’ll quickly get tons additional points and cash!
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IPSOS Survey SitesIpsos

Make £10+ a month.
Who area unit they? one in all the biggest (and best paying) survey-based research firms around, operating with sure brands and analysis firms worldwide.
Rewards: High-street and Amazon Vouchers, and prize attracts for all members.
Amount per survey: ~£1.
Min. reward threshold: £10.

Our review:

A well-trusted panel. They send you surveys each week to answer by email. The reward threshold is comparativelylow, and most of the people are ready to live in underneath ten surveys.
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vopinions-logoValued Opinions

£10 voucher per hour.
Who area unit they? Valued Opinions area unit a part of a bigger research cluster. They channelize onlinesurveys to members whose profiles match broad demographics and needs.
Rewards: Vouchers (inc. Amazon, M&S, Sainsbury’s, John Lewis).
Amount per survey: £1 – £5.
Min. reward threshold: £10.

Our review:

First off, sign language up with Valued Opinions mechanically enters you into a prize draw for associate degreeiPad. From there, they use your profile to send you relevant surveys to complete.
The surveys area unit typically quite attention-grabbing, and might take something from 10-30 minutes every, therefore within one hour you’ll bag yourself a £10 voucher.
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Earn £1 for each five minutes.
Who area unit they? they’re a giant GB survey web site United Nations agency offer stats to the press and current affairs programmes.
Rewards: money.
Amount per survey: ~£2.
Min. reward threshold: fifty points (£50).

Our review:

PopulusLive area unit a favorite among the survey taking community thanks to their good payout. It will take your time to succeed in the treshold and surveys run out quickly once they need enough respondents.
It’s essential that you simply fill in your profile totally to induce the most range of surveys. you furthermore mghthave to be compelled to be terribly careful together with your answers as they need quality checks in situ to create positive you aren’t cheating or speeding through.
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Global check Market Survey SiteGlobal check Market

Earn £100 annually.
Who area unit they? this can be a well grasp USA survey web site however they pay cheques in £s.
Rewards: money, vouchers and prize attracts.
Amount per survey: ~£1.20.
Min. reward threshold: one thousand points ($50/£32).

Our review:

Surveys take around quarter-hour every therefore you’ll be earning £4.80 an hour. remember that cheques do take a jiffy to arrive within the post, and we’d advocate not wasting some time with the ‘prize draw’ surveys (unless you’re feeling terribly lucky).
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Opinion-OutpostOpinion Outpost

One of very cheap payout thresholds.
Who area unit they? Opinion Outpost have shot up in quality thanks to quick payouts and fun surveys.
Rewards: money and Amazon Vouchers.
Amount per survey: 50p
Min. reward threshold: £2.50

Our review:

You only ought to complete five surveys to ensue a payout and that they take around 10-15 minutes every.
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Interesting surveys on shopper merchandise
Who area unit they? Mindmover permit you to share your opinions on everything from food to transport.
Rewards: money.
Amount per survey: 50p – £1.50.
Min. reward threshold: £20.

Our review:

MindMover may be a good choice however it will take a jiffy to make up the points as surveys area unit somedayfew and much between.
It takes around quarter-hour to complete every survey.
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Mobile compatibility & multiple payout opportunities.
Who area unit they? iPoll accustomed be referred to as Survey Heads and area unit a USA based mostlycompany.
Rewards: money, vouchers & magazine subscriptions.
Amount per survey: 40p – £1.70
Min. reward threshold: £20

Our review:

It will take you around quarter-hour to complete a survey however the vary of rewards area unit good.
The only draw back is that the number of surveys tends to be quite low.
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Good referral theme.
Who area unit they? They run surveys on behalf of leading brands.
Rewards: money.
Amount per survey: 50p
Min. reward threshold: £4

Our review:

Hiving reward you around fifty points per minute once finishing surveys and you’ll withdraw as presently as you reach 4000 points (£4).
They conjointly reward users for referring friends and provides you points though you’re declined for a survey.
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Earn £3 only for sign language up!
Who area unit they? PanelBase aren’t your average survey web site. They don’t inundate you with surveys, howeverthose {they do|they area unit doing} send are all right paid and relevant to you!
Rewards: money, vouchers and prize attracts.
Amount per survey: 50p – £10 (avg. ~£1.50).
Min. reward threshold: £10.

Our review:

£3 only for sign language up to a web site may be a little bit of a no-brainer… The surveys pay on top of the trade average too which provides you the chance to earn some smart dough!
However they are doing choose their survey respondents terribly rigorously therefore you will be sent slightly less opportunities than different sites. simply check that you totally complete your profile to provide yourself the simplest likelihood.
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Pinecone analysis SurveysPinecone analysis

£3 per survey, invite solely.
Who area unit they? strobilus area unit associate degree exclusive survey and merchandise testing company United Nations agency area unit invite solely.
Rewards: £3 per completed survey, free merchandise to check and keep.
Amount per survey: £3.
Min. reward threshold: £3.

Our review:

Pinecone is that the goblet of survey sites and invitations area unit rare therefore it’s well value sign languageup whereas we’ve got some invitations on supply. The payout is large and surveys don’t take too long to complete. You typically get sent merchandise to check and keep too!
Note: There’s no guarantee that they’ll be receptive new registrations at anyone time, however we have a tendency to try and prepare a restricted range for our readers every month. Check the link below. If we have a tendency to don’t, be part of our report for updates.
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NewVista Survey SiteNew visual image Live

Earn £100 annually.
Who area unit they? a number one market research company United Nations agency have chosen to conduct surveys online instead of ancient cold-calling so on.
Rewards: money and prize attracts.
Amount per survey: Around £1 a survey.
Min. reward threshold: £50.

Our review:

NewVista offers users money for finishing surveys wherever one purpose = £1. For some, it will take a jiffy to succeed in the £50 threshold however the surveys typically take simply quarter-hour (so ~£4/hour) and that theypay well.
Make positive you answer queries honestly as NewVista area unit glorious for chucking in a very few red herrings to create sure you’re truly thinking instead of rushing through.

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Remember that we’re on your aspect, we have a tendency to don’t promote scam/spam sites. If you’ve got any issues with any of those survey sites then check that you allow us to grasp. Go for an oversized overdraft Unless you’re wanting to make up a giant quantity and aiming for one in all the highest rewards that you’ve got time for, then it’s best to make the most early with these paid survey sites.

Also be aware that some sites can have restrictions on once you will pay the points and the way long they’re valid for.
Don’t ever pay to affix

All of the paid survey sites listed higher than area unit unengaged to apply for. You shouldn’t get sucked into paying for a subscription to any on-line survey websites, no matter they promise you.
The sites listed on this page are tried and tested and area unit real. If you’re already a member of any of those survey sites or any that aren’t listed then please do allow us to grasp what you think that of them!