Vulkan Profit best Forex indicator

The Vulkan Profit Best Forex Indicator is an indicator for binary options and forex based on Sidus indicator. The vulkan profit version I present here is a free version that is on line.

Vulkan Profit Best Forex Indicator details

Although the indicator works on all time frames. It is necessary to carry out the entrance to the market immediately after the signal indicator .

When a blue arrow – buy a Call option.

When you see a red arrow Put Sale option.

Set expiration period according to the selected timeframe to m5 – 25 minutes, at M15 – 1 hour.To trade with Binary Options explores set the indicator on the chart with timeframe M5 – H1.

Use any currency pairs, but the most volatile

It is not recommended to use the following currency pairs when working with the indicator on the Asian trading session:

  • GBP / JPY – average volatility of 110 points, it’s pretty high figure, given that the market there are the flat state. So sometimes the price movement for the tool is up to 300 points, and there are times that the range of motion of the trend does not extend beyond the chapels 20-30 points.
  • GBP / CHF – second dynamic pair during the Asian trading session, the range of price movement in an average of about 95 points.
  • USD / JPY – is in third place on the volatility (the movement is about 80 points) and on the first trading volumes.
  • EUR / JPY – price fluctuations are in the region of 75 bp, trading large volumes, the sharp jumps of the course caused by the news from Japan.

It is not recommended to use the following currency pairs when working with an indicator in the European trading session:

  • GBP / CHF – 150 points on average per session record high rate of motion, a pair of the most volatile on the market.
  • GBP / JPY – 145 points, the second highest rate in the European session, a special activity occurs during the London trading floor.
  • USD / CHF – 117 points, good move there quite often, due to the instability of the US dollar against the Swiss franc and reliability.
  • GBP / USD -. 112 bp, as a fairly good indicator of movement, the same factors on the course. That and previous currency.
  • EUR / USD – 97 points, the pair with the highest trading volumes and volatility pretty good.

It is not recommended to use the following currency pairs when working with the indicator on the American trading session.

Vulkan Profit best Forex indicator with FPT


Buy Arrow confirmed by blue line and blue dot.


Vulkan Profit Forex Indicator

Sell Arrow confirmed by red line and red dot. In the  above pictures Vulkan Profit Indicator in action.

Vulkan Profit best Forex indicator, Sidus indicator trading.

Vulkan Profit Forex Indicator

The Vulkan Profit best Forex indicator , Sidus indicator trading.

Vulkan Profit Forex Indicator with Renko chart (Box size 3 pips). The indicator is more stable.

Renko Forex IndicatorRenlo

Vulkan Profit Forex Indicator real Time with renko chart

Download Vulkan Profit Forex Indicator

You can Download   Flag_and_Pennant (right Click – save as).

Download  Renko livecharts_pimped_v4_13  (right Click – save as).

Download  Vulkan Profit Indiacator  (right Click – save as).

Risk warning:

“We are not liable for getting loses using this signal, We are testing and getting nice result. Forex is a great risking business. Do your trade with your own risk”. I am 90% sure this will work fine if you signup from our listed Forex company. My recommendation is True ECN ICMarkets from Right sight. You can signup  from Here (I will help as much as possible and will be added My Personal Signal Group . Send WhatsApp msg to +971558610518).


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