Get 1000 FREE Tokens-New AIRDROP

Get 1000 FREE Tokens-New AIRDROP


Walletours is a decentralized cryptocurrency, created and directed for all of the tourist community, that make different trips worldwide with an end of needs from one place to another.

Today tourism is one of the most important industries worldwide and promotes trips of all kinds: For rest purposes, cultural reasons, social interest, business or simply for leisure.


We are a team that loves tourism and we are passionate about its natural beauty geologically known until today and we incorporate an innovative technology for its journey in a pleasant way, which is a new way for your digital assets

WALLETOURS (WTS) allows peer-to-peer P2P payments, immediate transactions, low cost commissions and a public network based on the Ethereum blockchain.


Free Coin


This Airdrop does not require you to have any difficulty or complex requests to get your tokens.The number of tokens you will get immediately after registration : 1000.You can get 1000 Tokens free for everyone who registers through your link.This does not require you to invest any amount to get the Tokens,So you will not lose anything from the Registration.(If you don’t have my etherwallet then crate myetherwallet using this link

For Signup Click Here


Bear In Mind

Who haved signup need to do some additional task ,otherwise ,you will not get your token. 1000 (WTS) .Walletours allows peer-to-peer P2P payments, immediate transactions, low cost commissions and a public network based on the Ethereum blockchain.

For Signup Click Here

METHOD: Register& click ‘personal information’ under your name->copy/paste eth address->enter your wts site password->click’TOKEN’ and check for code in email and copy paste the code in the ‘token’ place and click ‘MODIFY’ and DONE!

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